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About Aston, Wuhu and China

Explore Wuhu

Beyond the bigger cities of Shanghai and Beijing, Wuhu is a destination that is rarely included in most tourist pamphlets or well-known travel guides. The city may not have the major attractions that draw the hoards of tourists to other cities, but Wuhu has much to offer for those who are seeking to explore life in China off the beaten track.

Things to do and see in Wuhu

Walking Street

At the center of Wuhu is the city's Walking Street on Zhong Shan Road. Here, one can find a variety of retail shops lined along either side of the busy promenade, selling goods from electronics to clothing to food and drink. The prices in Wuhu are extremely affordable, particularly when compared to Shanghai or even nearby Nanjing. This allows both the fanatical and the conservative shopper to indulge on the many deals on offer.

Shopping Malls

Not far from Walking Street are a number of shopping malls and supermarkets:

Sunning Plaza

Sunning Plaza is a 10-story shopping and entertainment complex housing a multitude of international brands from H&M to Starbucks. To add, the plaza houses an indoor ice-skating rink, IMAX movie theatre and dining options for all ages.

Wanda Plaza

Wanda Plaza features a modern IMAX theatre, where you can catch up on Western movies. Inside the plaza are also surrounding restaurants and shops.

Parks and Temples

Around the city, there are a number of scenic parks for people to wonder and enjoy.

Jinghu Park

Found directly across the road from Aston Language Center, the park has a statue which, in the summer, turns into a fountain in the evenings. Here you will find locals playing Majong, Chinese chess and cards. If you are friendly and make yourself a regular, you might get asked to join in.

Mirror Lake

Surrounding the outskirts of Jinghu Park, two lakes mirroring each other are featured. It is recommended to go in the daytime, and rent a pedal boat.

Zheshan Park

This large park is a major tourist area in Wuhu. The area features a playground, zoo, pavilion.

Guangji Temple and Park

This green area and hill is a nice escape from the city center. The Guangji Temple atop the hill is a famous Buddhist structure. It costs 5 yuan to enter.

Fantawild Adventure Park

China's largest 4th-generation theme park is in Wuhu. The massive theme park is comprised of 15 zones including Sunshine Plaza, Space Tour, Mysterious West, Vesuvius Volcano, Dino Rampage, Conch Bay, Fanta Boulevard, Fishing Yard, Lost Empire, Duludubi Farm, Kid's Zone, and Water World. Among them, Fanta Boulevard, Fishing Yard and Sunshine Plaza are open to the public, for free.


There are a number of bars and clubs in Wuhu, some of which are known for treating foreigners very kindly with complimentary beverages.

Club Phebe

This club, near the city center, welcomes foreigners. The club has a cat walk, singers and dancers.


KTV stands for karaoke bar. There are a ton of KTV bars around Wuhu, just as anywhere in China. Grab a group of friends, get a room, and sing your heart out.

Lan Gui Fang

If you have had a long day or want to catch up with some friends for some drinks, meet up at Lan Gui Fang. The bar has a wide selection of drinks, and a casual atmosphere.

Things to eat in Wuhu

Anhui cuisine is recognised as one of the 8 great regional cuisines in China, and is known for its often sweet, flagrant and mildly spicy flavours. In Wuhu, there is plenty to eat and one can find a delicious meal or a tasty snack on almost any street. However, at the center of dining is Wuhu’s Phoenix Street, which is a street dedicated to just food and restaurants. From the family-style restaurant to the hole in the wall hawker, or even a well-known fast food chain, there are a variety of options to leave the stomach full and content.

Local Dishes

There are many local dishes to try in Wuhu but here are just a few:


Hotpot in Wuhu is undoubtedly a town speciality. Eating hotpot is a very communal affair, and the meal begins by boiling a pot of spicy broth at the center of the table. After selecting small dishes from the menu, the feast is brought out and you cook it yourself in the pot. Hotpot is a very filling and rewarding dining experience costing around 30 to 40 RMB per person.

Xiao Long Bao

Xiao long bao are common soup dumplings that literally translates to ‘little bamboo steamer buns’. The dumplings contain pork mince and hot soup which are steamed in a small bamboo basket. In each bamboo basket there are 10 xiao long bao that can be bought for 10 RMB.

Beef Noodle Soup

Another popular dish in Wuhu and across China is beef noodle soup. The soup is served with stewed beef, beef broth, vegetables and round egg noodles.

Steamed Buns

Commonly known as bao zi, steamed buns are a popular snack or breakfast option in China. The dough is fluffy with a filling on the inside with either pork or vegetables.

Green Onion Pancake

A delicious brunch snack that can be found in many Chinese breakfast shops. Its various names include 'cong you bing,' 'jiu cai bing,' or 'scallion pancakes.'

Chinese BBQ

On street corners, in parking lots, and next to tiny shops, BBQ vendors prepare their wood, their charcoal briquettes, or their propane-powered grills and lay out their ingredients. Thin skewers are threaded with rows of aromatic green onions, squares of dense pressed tofu, small round fish balls, waxy slices of potato, meaty mushrooms, strips of pork, mutton, and beef, and all kinds of other delicious foods.

Western Food

In addition to the local cuisine, there are a variety of Western restaurant options around Wuhu. In the city, there are fast food chains such as Burger King, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, KFC, Starbucks and Dairy Queen. They offer familiar choices that one can expect from an international chain but some offer menus with a particular Chinese twist, such as the congee and potato stix combo at KFC. There are also local shops that offer Western options where one can find Chinese places that serve food items like spaghetti, pizza, burgers, fried chicken. The best value places to eat are the all-you-can-eat buffets, which serve both Chinese and Westrn style dishes, unlimited beer or wine and a variety of desert options for around 50-60 RMB.